Dynamic vlan assignment

Dario Palmisano Dario.Palmisano at icgeb.org
Fri Jul 19 18:03:31 CEST 2013

At the end, thanks to the list suggestions I found in the cisco docs the

"Keep these guidelines in mind when configuring multiple BSSIDs:

•RADIUS-assigned VLANs are not supported when you enable multiple BSSIDs."

So it seems not to be related to the IOS version, is it?

Is there any way to overcome this somehow, if not...

Thanks everybody for the kind cooperation

Best regards


> On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 04:20:51PM +0200, Dario Palmisano wrote:
>> > is this a 'fat/autonomous' AP? if so, then only latest firmware can
>> handle
>> >  multiple VLANS per 802.1X SSID with multiple BSSIDs present.
>> This could be the problem, I found something in the Cisco documentation
>> but
>> was unsure the problem could be this. The accesspoint is running
> If you have mbssid configured on the AP then user cannot be switched to a
> different vlan than the one bound to the ssid this user is connected to.

I have such configuration! Can you
> Can you actually check if/how the users is associated on the AP?
> show dot11 associations
> shows the associated clients and
> show dot11 associations <mac address>
> shows the specific client detail information including the vlan.
> mk
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