2.x.x and radtest: no IPv6?

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Mon Jul 22 14:32:15 CEST 2013


>> Does radtest not support IPv6? I could have sworn it did IPv6 earlier,
>> but not totally sure.
>   <ahem>
>         -4                  Use IPv4 for the NAS address (default)
>         -6                  Use IPv6 for the NAS address

Uh. Sorry.

Still... maybe for a later version... if the input looks like an IP
address, guessing the address family isn't all that hard.

I see that such a -4 -6 option is required for hostnames, but even then
only if they return addresses for both families.

ipv6-localhost only returns ::1. And ::1 successfully parses neither as
an IPv4, nor a hostname, but as an IPv6 address. Both are unambiguous
and could be auto-detected.

That would add a little user-friendliness for users who didn't have
enough sleep :-)


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