Need examples for MSCHAPV2Authenticator

Rama Krishna RLinga at
Fri Jul 26 00:11:51 CEST 2013

Already sent this email to David Bird, author of MSCHAPV2Authenticator of JRadius client and waiting for the reply.
Just sharing the same with mailing group so that I can receive response from at least one of folks if not David.
Here are my 3 questions.

1. I am in the process of updating my existing JRadius client to use MSCHAPV2Authenticator.
Is there a document or example that explains on how to send the hashed passwords between Radius client and server using this authenticator?
2. As per Wiki, it seems to be mandatory to mention CA issued certificates.
Is there an example that uses certificates for mutual authentication?

3. Based on different authenticators available in JRadius, MSCHAPV2 seems to be the strongest authentication possible. Is that understanding fair?


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