WiMAX TLV value correct in debug but not correct in packet capture

David Peterson davidp at wirelessconnections.net
Tue Jul 30 16:13:54 CEST 2013

Don't forget if the hardware is Alvarion or Runcom you cannot use the
standard dictionaries.  

Alvarion (now Telrad) is proprietary but similar to the standard dictionary
and Runcom only uses their own.


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James Leavitt wrote:
> I've probably missed something or buggered an option, but I've 
> searched and searched and cannot find an answer to this. This is for a 
> WiMAX deployment and am using the built in dictionaries. The issue is 
> with the WiMAX-Packet-Flow-Descriptor tlv .
> Everything looks good but on a pcap / radsniff I get this:

  Put the raw "pcap" file somewhere.  Maybe the issue is the server, maybe
it's radsniff.

  You could also try the git branch "release_branch_3.0.0".  It has a
re-written WiMAX encoder / decoder, which now works everywhere.

  Alan DeKok.
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