Simple Peap + PAP authentication

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Sun Mar 10 05:38:11 CET 2013

On 9 Mar 2013, at 20:11, Matthew Ceroni <matthewceroni at> wrote:

> Trying to setup 802.1x authentication on my home router (running OpenWRT). 
> Above is the output of radiusd -X
> I am trying to connect via my Android phone. Shouldn't the request coming from the device include the ClearText password it is looking for? I am simply listing the user in the users file. No LDAP, AD, SQL database.

So you're trying to do 802.1X which uses EAP as the transport protocol for authentication data, but you deleted the call to the EAP module which IIRC is in the default config, and just arbitrarily started listing modules you hoped might work.

That's special, you're a special person.


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