Cannot disconnect radius user using radclient

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Sun Mar 10 14:24:28 CET 2013

Hi All,

I've successfully install coovachili anda freeradius using mysql database.

Now I've just try to disconnect coovachilli  user online with radclient

I try with command bellow to disconect user="alice"

* echo "User-Name=alice" | radclient -x localhost:3779 disconnect testing123
*Sending Disconnect-Request of id 126 to port 3779*
* User-Name = "alice"*
*rad_recv: Disconnect-ACK packet from host port 3779, id=126,

And then, user alice be disconnect from coova.

Then i try to give disconnect command using remote acces using command
bellow :

*echo "User-Name=alice" | radclient -x disconnect
*Sending Disconnect-Request of id 78 to port 3779*
* User-Name = "alice"*
*radclient: no response from server for ID 78 socket 3*
Note: is ip of radius server

But no response from radius server.

I've add on client.conf ip address which i use to radius client.But still
have same problem.
I try that command on my local machine using comand : *echo
"User-Name=alice" | radclient -x disconnect testing123*
* *
Radius still no response.

How i can execute this command both of on local and on remote machine ?


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