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> Hi All,
> Sorry for this beginner question again. I have read the wiki & i will need
> some "hint" from any of you:
> 1. So which files that i need to download from
> ? Version 2.2.0: tar.gz OR
> Version 2.2.0: tar.bz2 ?

Same thing. Please spend some time to learn about archive formats. For

> 2. So after i download one of them just copy it here  : *
> /usr/src/packages/SOURCES* ? Or i should extract the content?
> 3. So the spec files has to be removed from .tar file or just copy it out?

This is beyond the scope of this list. Please learn about building RPM
packages, especially on suse. Possibly ask on suse list.

In general, the bundled suse spec file assumes that you have the spec file
on SPECS directory, and the bz2 file (as well as all other files on suse
directory) in SOURCES.

> 4. Which file that i should edit to include this --with-edir option during
> configure ? I believe the usage of this is for radius to be able to like
> check account lockedOut, account disabled etc?

If you had learned about building RPM, you wouldn't need to ask this
question. Please spend some time to learn about building RPM packages. The
short version is suse's specfile uses --with-edir by default.

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