Post-Proxy-Type Reject handling

Julius Plenz plenz at
Thu Nov 7 21:01:42 CET 2013


* Alan DeKok <aland at> [2013-11-01 19:41]:
> That fix was in 3.0, but not in 2.x.   <sigh>

If a home server actually rejects a request, then this is successfully
proxied with your patch, thanks.

However, I'm still having issues with the proxy failure case. Commit
68c7936c02 changed the "no_response_fail" default so that requests
that give no answer are re-queued to be tried with a different home
server. However this is not really working for me.

Worse still, if my first home server is not responding, then it seems
the proxied packet never leaves the wait_a_bit() loop and I get an
error like 

    WARNING: Unresponsive thread 0 for request 0, in component <core> module 

and later repeated lines:

    WARNING: Child is hung for request 0 in component <core> module .

What is the server's "exit strategy" in case there is no live home
server? I would say "send a reject", but then at some point the server
NEEDS to call post_proxy_fail_handler(request) and initiate a cleanup.
I cannot see where this is happening.

Any help is appreciated,


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