Post-Proxy-Type Reject handling

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Nov 7 23:25:34 CET 2013

Julius Plenz wrote:
> Worse still, if my first home server is not responding, then it seems
> the proxied packet never leaves the wait_a_bit() loop and I get an
> error like 
>     WARNING: Unresponsive thread 0 for request 0, in component <core> module 

  I'll take a look.  The fix should be simple.

> What is the server's "exit strategy" in case there is no live home
> server? 

  Post-proxy-type "fail".

> I would say "send a reject", but then at some point the server
> NEEDS to call post_proxy_fail_handler(request) and initiate a cleanup.
> I cannot see where this is happening.

  It should be there...

  Alan DeKok.

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