unlang vs suffix

Matthew Newton mcn4 at leicester.ac.uk
Wed Nov 13 17:53:50 CET 2013

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 04:34:21PM +0000, Rui Ribeiro wrote:
> I have a simple doubt; I have seen many times a couple of people saying
> they prefer to use unlang than the suffix directive; what´s the advantage
> of - supposing proxy.conf is adequately  configured, instead of doing

unlang is more flexible, but either option is 'correct' if it
works for you. The realm module is just going to look at the realm
and update Proxy-To-Realm (and Realm) in the way you do in unlang.

Rather than setting DEFAULT realms, for eduroam some people prefer
to create an 'eduroam' realm, and then specifically set that in
Proxy-To-Realm based on the username. For example, you may not
want all unknown realms going to your upstream eduroam proxy
provider, which the DEFAULT realm with the suffix module will
probably do (to the annoyance of your national proxy when you send
them 3gppnetwork.org crap).


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