unlang vs suffix

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Wed Nov 13 18:12:14 CET 2013

Rui Ribeiro wrote:
> I have a simple doubt; I have seen many times a couple of people saying
> they prefer to use unlang than the suffix directive; what´s the
> advantage of - supposing proxy.conf is adequately  configured, instead
> of doing
> suffix

  Which is simple.

> do instead (ignore the if part, I know it is missing in the example
> above, it is here just for the sake of clarity):

  Which is more complex.

  Both work.  You can write your own code (C / unlang) to re-do much of
what the server does.  Or, you can just re-use the simple configs
exposed by the server.

  It's up to you.

  Alan DeKok.

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