CLASS value in SQL xlat

Okis Chuang okischuang at
Wed Sep 4 06:05:40 CEST 2013

Hi all,


I'm using FR 2.2.0 with Oracle 11g.


Now I'm collecting Accounting records into Oracle DB with sql xlat which
call a function in PL/SQL.

For example in debug mode it expands like below:


"%{sql:select wifi_acct.onlineStart(..., '%{Class[*]}',..) from dual}" 


"TestCL: v=1234;TestCL2: w=5678" => "TestCL: v=3D123456=3BTestCL2: w=3D5678"


Here comes the problem, through xlat content of '%{Class[*]}' in SQL string
was turned into something like URL encoded string(but not exactly the same)
while executing my PL/SQL function.


Anyone knows what encode format it is? 


Any advice would be appreciated!



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