Upgrading FreeRadius

Martin Ubank Martin.Ubank at uwe.ac.uk
Mon Aug 18 14:51:04 CEST 2014

Hi Alan (Buxey),

Thank you for your help.
The new version of FreeRadius is now working after I (just) installed it over the old version.
Best wishes


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> Hi,
> > To ensure I get the new features of v2.2.5 and the custom changes that
> were in place for v2.2.0, how would you suggest I go about the
> integration of the configuration files?
> install the new version over the old, then look at your config files and
> see the differences.
> your custom changes will still be there - and the new files will contain
> the new things
> heres were you say that theold configs had all the stuff stripped out of
> them....at
> which point I say 'then you've now got a bigger comparison job to do'
> (why do people strip their configs bare? it doesnt slow the speed of the
> server
> and means you lose visibilty of things you dont use....if you want to
> see
> your config 'clean' then grab the initial output of radiusd -X or just
> cat configfileyoucareabout | egrep -v "(^#|+.#|^$)"
> ;-)
> alan
> PS if you are building your own and over-riding a package version, then
> ensure you build your own with same arguments
> as the packaged version (get its SPEC file and see what their
> ./configure arguments were etc)
> -
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