FreeRadius in Windows - was Sourceforge and FreeRADIUS

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NPS et al are notoriously inflexible… FreeRADIUS is configurable in all kinds of directions :-)

I can see why someone would prefer to run FR on Windows. But as Alan D has pointed out several times on this list (and others), Windows’ handling of ports and sockets is very different and there are several other things that make this not an option.


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Well, they should just use Windows Radius if they want it to run under Windows ....


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Neither to intrude in this sensitive matter, nor wanting to discuss it, I would just like to ask something for the sake of information.

You are saying you dont have a Windows version, however I do recall reading some months ago about a Windows paid version too. At the time I *think* it was quite deliberate that it purported to be quite official i.e. your team.

If it were not for this email I would not got the slightest idea it was another individual.


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  Someone released a "FreeRADIUS for Windows" on sourceforge.
Initially, he didn't include the source.  After some discussion, he put
up a copy of the "tar" file from an official release.

  That isn't good enough.  FreeRADIUS does not build or run under
Windows.  Any changes made to build on Windows MUST be released publicly.

  In addition, he seems to have added a demand for a serial number.
I've been getting a steady stream of questions from people asking how
they get a serial number for the software.  I've had to tell them
they've been cheated.

  All versions of FreeRADIUS will be free to download and use.  Always.
 Requiring a secondary license or user registration is not allowed.

  I've sent a DMCA notice to Sourceforge, and they've removed the
offending software.  It will not be allowed online until it is in
compliance with the GPLv2.

  Alan DeKok.

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