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Well, they should just use Windows Radius if they want it to run under
Windows ....


On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Rui Ribeiro <ruyrybeyro at> wrote:

> Neither to intrude in this sensitive matter, nor wanting to discuss it, I
> would just like to ask something for the sake of information.
> You are saying you dont have a Windows version, however I do recall
> reading some months ago about a Windows paid version too. At the time I
> *think* it was quite deliberate that it purported to be quite official i.e.
> your team.
> If it were not for this email I would not got the slightest idea it was
> another individual.
> Regards,
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>> Subject: Sourceforge and FreeRADIUS
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>>   Someone released a "FreeRADIUS for Windows" on sourceforge.
>> Initially, he didn't include the source.  After some discussion, he put
>> up a copy of the "tar" file from an official release.
>>   That isn't good enough.  FreeRADIUS does not build or run under
>> Windows.  Any changes made to build on Windows MUST be released publicly.
>>   In addition, he seems to have added a demand for a serial number.
>> I've been getting a steady stream of questions from people asking how
>> they get a serial number for the software.  I've had to tell them
>> they've been cheated.
>>   All versions of FreeRADIUS will be free to download and use.  Always.
>>  Requiring a secondary license or user registration is not allowed.
>>   I've sent a DMCA notice to Sourceforge, and they've removed the
>> offending software.  It will not be allowed online until it is in
>> compliance with the GPLv2.
>>   Alan DeKok.
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