Question on new dictionaries & values

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Feb 10 15:03:17 CET 2014

Mathieu Simon (Lists) wrote:
> What is the current consenscus on tha Attribute naming. I've learned
> that underline usage isn't appreciated even though some vendors use it.

  Personally, I hate it.  It's annoying, and doesn't follow the 20 year
practice of RADIUS.

> VENDOR foovendor <id>
> a) ATTRIBUTE foovendor-name-by-vendor-doc...
> b) ATTRIBUTE name-by-vendor-doc...
> I've seen both in usage but mostly consistently throughout a dictionary
> itself (some vendors indicate variant a, some don't but it doesn't
> always match with FR's dicts).

  We try to balance the approaches of "use sane names" and "use vendor
names".  It's not always perfect.

  The *official* recommendation for naming schemes is given here:

  You'll note I'm the author. :)

  Alan DeKok.

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