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> G'day
> I've been pondering a bit on the different dictionnaries and hope
> to provide some new.
> I understand that modifying/renaming old values can be is putting at
> risk current setups current setups, however new ones are easier to add :-)

It's fine if it's going into the master branch, so long as it's not just
spurious rewriting. As software evolves, naming schemes have to too.

> What is the current consenscus on tha Attribute naming. I've learned
> that underline usage isn't appreciated even though some vendors use it.
> VENDOR foovendor <id>
> a) ATTRIBUTE foovendor-name-by-vendor-doc...
> b) ATTRIBUTE name-by-vendor-doc...
> I've seen both in usage but mostly consistently throughout a dictionary
> itself (some vendors indicate variant a, some don't but it doesn't
> always match with FR's dicts).
> Thanks for your feedback, I hope to send in some Equallogic updates to
> other vendors dictionaries that I've found on respective vendor docs.

If future versions we'll adopt an oid like syntax for specifying
attributes (vendor.vendor_attribute.vendor_nested_attribute),
then we won't need any of this prefix crap.

But for now it should be:

<vendor>-<vendor's attribute name>

Unless the attribute name already starts with the vendor name...

Replace underscores for hyphens in all cases.

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