CoovaChilli FreeRADIUS setup with UAM

Russell Mike radius.sir at
Tue Feb 11 11:58:40 CET 2014

Dear List Greetings

*Setup Example: *
i have CoovaChilli / FreeRADIUS setup with UAM (Universal Access Manager)
server. Basically means it is different web server than NAS it self (NAS =
CoovaChilli). UAM serve the login page for hotspot users. Saying other way,
separate web server for content management system (serving login page base
on geographical location, distance, vlan numbers etc. etc..)

When any of following condition becomes true

1.) User has fill the wrong password
2.) User calling outside of time slot
3.) User already downloaded the quota specified

FreeRADIUS reject the access, which is obvious. Fine !!!!

*Question: *
how can i configure FreeRADIUS to send the reply messages (Your
username/password is wrong) to UAM server rather than NAS ? i am very sure
there would be a way to do it and i am not coming across using google
search over a week.

Thanks / Regards
RM --
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