CoovaChilli FreeRADIUS setup with UAM

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Feb 11 16:19:57 CET 2014

Russell Mike wrote:
> *Question: *
> how can i configure FreeRADIUS to send the reply messages (Your
> username/password is wrong) to UAM server rather than NAS ?

  No.  The NAS should sent it to the UAM server.

  You *could* use the Post-Auth-Type Reject block.  Run a program which
contacts the UAM server, and sends the message to it.  But that kind of
solution is very site-specific.

> i am very
> sure there would be a way to do it and i am not coming across using
> google search over a week.

  Probably because you're stuck on a particular solution.

  Are all of the systems connected to a network?  Can they all reach
each other?  Can you run a program on the RADIUS server to poke the UAM?

  Yes to all?  Well... the solution is pretty clear.

  Alan DeKok.

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