Log when the proxy home_server has no response

Chuang Okis okischuang at outlook.com
Fri Feb 14 06:41:23 CET 2014

No, I don't change the default max_request_time to 5, it is still 30 now.
Sorry...actually I am a bit not get it about what you mean..but I am guessing could it be possible that I intentionally set policy *Do-Not-Response* on home server
Sorry about not illustrate clear enough, I try to describe again.
I need to know the event type - proxy timeout while proxy access-request to external AAA and they don't response. So I set up a test environment which has three components: radiusclient, radius proxy, radius AAA.
Then I used radiusclient to send request three times, all of them won't be replied to radius client.
I also set this home_server with quite low value of zombie_period and response_window (both are 5).I thought that would be more easy to make my radius proxy to decide timeout?
Just curious about one dumb question, does freeradius get into Post-Proxy-Type Fail section every time when home_server did not response or only when this home_server is marked as dead?
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