Log when the proxy home_server has no response

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Feb 14 20:59:01 CET 2014

Chuang Okis wrote:
> No, I don't change the default max_request_time to 5, it is still 30 now.

  Hmm... then something is wrong.  The server is deleting the request
before the client re-transmits.

> I need to know the event type - proxy timeout while proxy access-request
> to external AAA and they don't response. So I set up a test environment
> which has three components: radiusclient, radius proxy, radius AAA.
> Then I used radiusclient to send request three times, all of them won't
> be replied to radius client.
> I also set this home_server with quite low value of zombie_period and
> response_window (both are 5).
> I thought that would be more easy to make my radius proxy to decide timeout?

  The client has to keep retransmitting.  The server doesn't wake up and
decide that the home server hasn't responded.  It is all driven by the

> Just curious about one dumb question, does freeradius get into
> Post-Proxy-Type Fail section every time when home_server did not
> response or only when this home_server is marked as dead?

  When there's no response to the request from the home server.  But the
server shouldn't be deleting the request, either.

  Alan DeKok.

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