Advanced mapping of users file into SQL

Ondrej Jombik jombik at
Mon Feb 17 05:00:08 CET 2014

This is about having multiple entries for one user in SQL. I have
feeling it is not possible, but whenever I read about SQL module,
it always states something like this:

     #  Look in an SQL database.  The schema of the database
     #  is meant to mirror the "users" file.
     #  See "Authorization Queries" in sql.conf

Mirror obviously means that whatever is in `users' file, can be mapped
into SQL tables. So if you guys can help me transform this structure
from `users' into SQL, that would be great:

user MD5-Password := '88****************************40', NAS-IP-Address = 
      APC-Service-Type = 'Outlet',
      APC-Outlets = '8'

user MD5-Password := '88****************************40', NAS-IP-Address = 
      APC-Service-Type = 'Outlet',
      APC-Outlets = '1,2'

Basically I want to reply different APC-Outlets according to

I do not consider this as something advanced, but I really have
hard-time to grasp it under SQL.

Thank you for any possible suggestion


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