Multiple attributes / extraction of a specific value with unlang regex ?

Chaigneau, Nicolas nicolas.chaigneau at
Mon Feb 17 10:55:31 CET 2014


I'm working with FreeRADIUS 3.0.1.

I'm trying to extract a value from an array of attributes, such as :
Cisco-AVPair = "<prefix>=<value>"

There are multiple Cisco-AVPair values in packet, I want to extract <value> from the attribute starting with "<prefix>=".

I read this from unlang man page :

                     Expands to a single string, with the value of each array member separated by a newline.

(note that it seems members are separated by ",", not by a newline)

So I tried the following :

if ("%{Cisco-AVPair[*]}" =~ /circuit-id-tag=([^,]*)/ ) {
		update control {
			My-Cisco-Circuit-Id := "%{1}"

This works, but is not good enough because <value> might contain a comma.

Is there a better way to do this with unlang ?


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