Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Tue Feb 18 10:19:18 CET 2014

On 18/02/14 08:57, nicolas.clo at wrote:
> See below an old post message that I found on a forum
> Ok it's not up to date but the problem is the same :

You're confusing two different suggestions.

Yes, outer.reply is an Access-Challenge at that point. But Alan didn't 
say "set 'use_tunneled_reply = yes' and set 'outer.reply'". He said:

>   Set "use_tunneled_reply = yes"
>   The in the inner-tunnel post-auth section, do:
> 	update reply {
> 		Reply-Message := "... text ..."
> 	}

See the difference?

So, set the inner Reply-Message, and the magic in "use_tunneled_reply = 
yes" saves it, and resends it when the outer.reply is an 

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