FreeRadius, block login after bad password

Aurélien Muh aurelazy at
Tue Jul 15 09:06:20 CEST 2014

Morning everyones,
After a lot of search, in books, net, friends, forums, ... I didn't
find what I need.
Here I explain my needs. (My FreeRadius version ==> 2.1.10 / On a Debian 6 )

My company ask me to block logins (users) after 3 bad password on the Radius.
With all my research, I found the option "login Auth-Type := Reject",
but this option can't be automatic, I had to use Fail2Ban to write in
the "users" file, but unfortunatly Fail2Ban is working only with IP
and not with login.

So My last hope is coming from the you, because i'm so stuck with this !
I really thank you all of you for your future help ;-)

Have a good day

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