radiusd.conf max request ?

Arnaud . arn0 at live.fr
Fri Jul 18 10:56:22 CEST 2014

   Thank you and where can we see the maximum total requests/s rate? 

Because it is difficult to see the maximum queries to a given order to determine the correct value now?
best Regards

From: nicolas.chaigneau at capgemini.com
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Subject: RE: radiusd.conf max request ?
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 08:29:51 +0000

A client is not limited to 256 ongoing requests.

One client can (and will, if need be) use multiple source ports (for each source port, 256 requests can be ongoing), hence sending as many requests
 as it needs at a given time.
This is not exact science.
You need to do is evaluate the maximum total requests/s rate your server will have to serve.
Multiply that by your max request time, and you have the max requests FreeRADIUS will be handling at a given time.
BTW, the following comment in radiusd.conf is misleading, it should probably be updated :
#  max_requests: The maximum number of requests which the server keeps
#  track of.  This should be 256 multiplied by the number of clients.
#  e.g. With 4 clients, this number should be 1024.

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if I have 274 
routers connected to Hotspot
Radius server, 
I need to put in max-request:
70144 (256 queries
* number of clients) 

Is this correct?

best Regards


> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 16:43:45 -0400

> From: aland at deployingradius.com

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> Subject: Re: radiusd.conf max request ?


> Arnaud . wrote:

> > Hello,

> > 

> > How should settle in "radiusd.conf" max_request_time, cleanup_delay and

> > max_requests?


> The configuration files document what they're for, and what they do.


> > Currently I max_request_time = 30 cleanup_delay = 2 and max_requests =

> > 50432

> > 

> > Is it set? If it is misconfigured what can happen?


> Don't change max_request_time or cleanup_delay. Set max_requests to

> some large value.


> If you get it wrong, error messages will appear in the log. The

> messages will tell you to increase max_request_time.


> Alan DeKok.

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