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On 10 Jun 2014, at 11:46, Rui Ribeiro <ruyrybeyro at> wrote:

> Hi Arran,
> To be fair, I have read a lot of performance problems in FreeRadius, and I have yet to see any. We have been running here for more than a year now, Debian 7/FreeRadius from 2.1.12 to 2.2.5, MySQL, detail files and AD authentication, roaming/proxying too, in a virtual machine with 64 bits, 1GB RAM and 2 CPUs, 3500 daily EDUROAM users,

3500 users (over a day) is on the small side in terms of FreeRADIUS deployments. Your concurrent users are probably a quarter of that.

> and I have yet to see the CPU loads go up more than 0.05-0.10. Even when I have major events that bring down the wifi intra-structure, like yesterdays where a switch went crazy, I  hardly register an heavy load. 
> What are your mileage, guys?

Try authenticating 2 Million subscribers after a major BNG outage. That 15% will make a big difference.

The Eduroam community, whilst one of the most visible users of FreeRADIUS, probably only represents about 10% of the users authenticated daily using FreeRADIUS, possibly even less.


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