just two questions

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Thu Jun 12 08:59:03 CEST 2014

Hi All,

>From the radmin command,  I can see the following

radmin> stats socket 1812
        requests        645589
        responses       641483
        accepts         359013
        rejects         282470
        challenges      0
        dup             0
        invalid         0
        malformed       0
        bad_authenticator       0
        dropped         3110
        unknown_types   0
        last_packet     1402555332
        elapsed.1us     0
        elapsed.10us    0
        elapsed.100us   0
        elapsed.1ms     0
        elapsed.10ms    229378
        elapsed.100ms   384248
        elapsed.1s      27768
        elapsed.10s     86

Now given my specific application that I use Radius for, the elapsed times
are OK for the majority of requests (the sub 100ms range is fine).  I just
have a quick question and a thought perhaps. 

Under what circumstances will FR "drop" a request (i.e. dropped 3110).
Also, would it be possible to be able to get stats for the thread pool
through radmin as well?

I've been experiencing very weird, intermittent and seemingly random
timeouts from FR, and after increasing (doubling) the size of my thread
pool, most of my issues seemed to have gone away.  Surely, those kind of
stats in terms of the thread pool will not only be very helpful, but it will
be absolutely beneficial in terms of debugging performance issues?

Also as a last note, maybe something like a "slow query" log option can be
added as well, where we can log auth/acct requests to a while in instances
where FR takes longer than a specific amount of time to process?  Say, if it
takes longer than 100ms to process a request, log the request to a specific
file?  Not only will it again help to troubleshoot and isolate performance
issues, but it could possibly also mean that the entire server does not need
to be run in debug mode to identify requests which takes long to process.

Just a thought, and just my 2c :-)


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