Issues with building Freeradius on CentOS 6.5: need rlm_cache

Brandon Jozsa bjozsa at
Mon Jun 16 15:23:28 CEST 2014

I'm using v.2.2.5, not 3.0.x; I have no complaints with 3.0 at all. I
definitely want to move towards it, I just fear that it will break too many
things if I implement it on CentOS 6.5 right now. But, I'll look at and build out from source,
and/or try the updated .rpm's listed above.

This is all my misunderstanding entirely, and respectfully I apologize. I
was thinking since Freeradius already had the hooks in the * database, the
cache module would use those hooks to create any unrecognized
attributes/tables, but as I'm writing this I'm practically laughing at
myself. It's great it thought, but it would be a massive addition and it
would require a lot of time to develop. This is basically what I'm after,
so I'll have to get to it...there's a lot more work to be done. At a
personal level, I'm going to run into a lot of new territory when trying to
get this to work.

Thanks for all the guidance this far, and sorry for the confusion (on my

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 3:52 AM, Arran Cudbard-Bell <
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> On 16 Jun 2014, at 04:33, Brandon Jozsa <bjozsa at> wrote:
> > yeah, that I get. unlang is for the overall freeradius logic for
> configuration files,
> To make things simpler for users, we re-used the format of the update
> section
> for anything map like in the modules, then you don't have to learn multiple
> forms of attribute reference syntax.
> Maybe we could rename it to 'map' to differentiate it, but you're the first
> person who's had trouble understanding the concept in the 8 months since
> the release of v3.0.x (where this format is used in more modules)
> i'm inclined not to.
> > but I thought that unlang couldn't be used in the modules?
> Alan is saying it uses the same format as an 'update' section in the
> policy,
> language. Thought using the same section name might hint that...
> Is anyone else having trouble with understanding update blocks in
> rlm_cache,
> rlm_ldap, rlm_couchbase? any suggestions to make them easier to use?
> > just to be clear, do i need to change the configuration in the cache
> module or
> The cache module, you need to configure it to store the attributes you want
> put back into the request when it's called again later.
> > in my default policy configuration? i was taking it that the policy
> suggestion would work if the cache module was written differently. i hate
> beating this to i really apologize for dragging this out. i'm
> just trying to look for a quick way to capture everything being returned
> back from a proxy request, and write it to the local mysql db. the cache
> module logic is new to me, and i'm not sure why i'm not getting entries
> back into the sql database when using rlm_cache.
> I'm not sure how you think caching responses from the proxy server is going
> to insert missing attributes into your SQL directory...
> You'd need to use SQL xlat for that.
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