configuring multiple LDAPs

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Sun Mar 2 16:29:56 CET 2014



I'm trying to do the following:

Proxy requests that arrive to "MYREALM\<user_name>" to a custom virtual
server that is handles LDAP requests.

I defined the right proxy definitions in the proxy.conf and created the
virtual server properly.


The problem is that EAP is not carried out.

In the default server it says: "eap : Request is supposed to be proxied
to Realm XXXXXX. Not doing EAP.".

The thing is that when the request arrives at the authorize section of
the virtual server, eap is not started again because the request still
contains a proxy field and eap module lets it go.


Is there a better way of doing this?


I am trying to create a configuration that can handle multiple servers
of different types:

*         LDAP

*         ActiveDirectory

*         External RADIUS server

I thought that I could proxy the different incoming requests according
to the realm of the user to the correct server, weather a virtual
internal server or an external proxy server. This works pretty good
except the eap part.


Any suggestions ??


Thanks J


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