radtest works, connection via wlan fails

Thorsten Bresges (web) thorsten.bresges at web.de
Thu Mar 6 06:25:11 CET 2014

I really forgot to enable the sql-statements in the inner-tunnel file.
Now it works with cleartext password.

I am going to take a look in NT/NTLM hash.

Thank you.

Am 02.03.14 00:57, schrieb A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk:
> hi,
> radtest is juts a basic test - it wont test EAP - use eapol_test (part of
> wpa_supplicant package) to better simulate a real client. I'm guessing
> the because event he clear text version didnt work when using a real client
> then you simply havent enabled the sql module in the inner-tunnel virtual
> server (which is involved when EAP is in play) - might also highlight to you
> now that MD5 encrypted stuff wont work if using eg PEAP/MSCHAPv2 - its
> plain text or NT/NTLM hash format stuff only.
> alan
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