FreeRadius v.2.2.3 Proxy/Copy mode issue

Giuliano De Paolis at
Mon Mar 3 11:54:57 CET 2014

Hi all.

I post this topic to help me to solve this strange behavior occurred in a
scenario involving the Proxy/Copy server.

I have 2 installation of FreeRadius 2.2.3. Please find the details below:

    FR: FreeRadius Server 2.2.3
    O.S.: Solaris 10 Update 2011 Generic_147440-09
    Proxy pool server: 1
    Copy pool server: 1

    FR: FreeRadius Server 2.2.3
    O.S.: Solaris 10 Update 2009 Generic_142900-14
    Proxy pool server: 10
    Copy pool server: 10

Here's the architecture (common for both the installations):
    RadiusClient --> Proxy --> BE Accounting Radius Server

On the Installation (A) all works fine; due to high traffic the FR Proxy
server performs both proxy and copy operations and I'm able to see all the
responses on my radius client.

On the Installation (B) instead, despise the correct proxy/copy operations
execution, there are several request packets from wich I do not receive the
corresponding response packets on the Radius Client. The strange thing is
that all the packets (even the missing ones) are traced at snoop level by
the BE Accounting Layer. On the Proxy Layer I can "see" the missing
packets, but even running at debug my FR Server I didn't see any specific
error regarding to the missing packets.

Can you suggest me what kind of checks I can perform to understand better
where the problem is?

Thanks in advance, best regards.

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