FreeRadius v.2.2.3 Proxy/Copy mode issue

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Mar 3 17:27:55 CET 2014

Giuliano De Paolis wrote:
>     FR: FreeRadius Server 2.2.3
>     O.S.: Solaris 10 Update 2011 Generic_147440-09
>     Proxy pool server: 1
>     Copy pool server: 1

  What's a "proxy pool server" ?  What's a "copy pool server"?

>     FR: FreeRadius Server 2.2.3
>     O.S.: Solaris 10 Update 2009 Generic_142900-14
>     Proxy pool server: 10
>     Copy pool server: 10
> Here's the architecture (common for both the installations):
>     RadiusClient --> Proxy --> BE Accounting Radius Server

  Installation A and B are proxies?

> On the Installation (B) instead, despise the correct proxy/copy
> operations execution, there are several request packets from wich I do
> not receive the corresponding response packets on the Radius Client. The
> strange thing is that all the packets (even the missing ones) are traced
> at snoop level by the BE Accounting Layer.

  That doesn't matter.  UDP packets can get lost.  The kernel on tha
proxy can receive a UDP packet, and then toss it before the packet gets
sent to the RADIUS server.

> On the Proxy Layer I can
> "see" the missing packets, but even running at debug my FR Server I
> didn't see any specific error regarding to the missing packets.

  If FR doesn't see the packet, there will be no message about "missign

> Can you suggest me what kind of checks I can perform to understand
> better where the problem is?

  I'm not convinced I understand what you're doing.

  Alan DeKok.

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