otp code state

Brian Candler b.candler at pobox.com
Thu Mar 13 13:18:35 CET 2014

I notice that raddb/mods-available/otp has a link to


That domain is broken - there are REFUSED responses from both their 

If they have gone out of business, perhaps the file should link to this 
fork instead?
That hasn't had a release since Nov 2009, although SVN has commits from 
Sep 2012.

I'm just trying to work out whether this is a viable option going 
forward (specifically for yubikey authentication, in place of using a 
PAM module)

I notice that the README file says that you will need:

b. A plugin for your auth server, that talks to otpd. You can
download plugins from the TRI-D Systems web site, or write
your own. Your authentication server software vendor might
also supply plugins for otpd.

But if their site has gone away, that means it's probably not very 
useful :-(



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