Issue with DHCP with Wireless card

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Mar 13 21:44:26 CET 2014

Hugh McLenaghan wrote:
> OK, with IPSEC disabled it works, with IPSEC enabled it fails like before, however it does show the IP address in the from address, which is good.

  So the packet is still not making it off of the machine?  That's
just... odd.  FreeRADIUS uses the normal socket calls to write packets.
 There's no reason for it to fail.

> I've looked at the packets and the only difference between ISC DHCP server and Freeradius is:-
>        Next Server IP Address:
>    Freeradius:
>        Next Server IP Address:
> Everything else is the same, including the SRC/Destination IP addresses.

  The packet contents won't affect routing.

> I need to find out now if there's a way to use ip route rules or something to bypass whatever is happening now *sigh*   always something :)

  DHCP doesn't interact well with routing rules.  It expects to send raw
packets out the interface, and to bypass IPv4 routing entirely.

  Alan DeKok.

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