configuration parameters for perl module in rlm_perl

Chaigneau, Nicolas nicolas.chaigneau at
Fri Mar 14 14:41:03 CET 2014


I had the same need.

I made some changes to rlm_perl to handle a configuration sub-section, eg:

perl my_perl_instance {
	filename = ${modconfdir}/perl/
	# perl configuration items
	perl_conf {
		attribute = value
		another_attr = 1234

I modified rlm_perl to read the subsection "perl_conf" in instantiate, populate a hash, and define a new perl hash passed to the perl code whenever a section is called.
This hash can be manipulated in the same way as the attribute hashes, for instance:


my $value = $RAD_PERLCONF{'attribute'};

If people is interested, I can share the code.
I have no idea how to submit a git patch though, but I can provide the modified file as is.

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> Hallo,
> > is there are recommended way to pass configuration parameter to a
> > rlm_perl module?
> I had the same problem and came to the conclusion it is not possible
> without changing the FreeRadius code. I solved it by using two
> configuration directories and symlinking the perl code and extracting
> the basename within the perl module:
> our $mandant = dirname($0) . '/';
> It also seems to be possible to do something like that: Which I don't
> liked:
> perl_flags ='-e "\$ENV{mandant} = \"VDI\"; do \"/path/to/file\"';
> Cheers,
>         Thomas
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