Version 3.0.2 has been released

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Mar 21 13:49:35 CET 2014

  ChangeLog here:

  There have been a large number of minor bug fixes, and a few major
ones.  The major ones caused the delay of the release.

  There are a number of useful new features.  The "unpack" module will
help deal with vendors who pack multiple fields into one attribute.
Secrets and passwords to databases are no longer printed in debugging
mode.  DHCP has been updated for sqlite.  "unlang" is getting smarter.

  The goal for 3.0.3 is to more compile-time optimizations.  e.g.

    update reply {
	  Filter-ID := "%{sql: ...}"

  Right now, the string "%{sql: ...}" is parsed at run-time for every
request.  This is slow, and means that we can't do syntax checks when
the server starts.

  For 3.0.3, dynamically expanded strings will be checked when the
server starts.

    update reply {
	  Filter-ID := "%{no_such_module: ...}"

  In 3.0.2, the server will start, and you will see run-time failures,
when the expansion doesn't exist.  In 3.0.3, the server will refuse to
start, as the configuration is wrong.

  Alan DeKok.

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