Freeradius proxy support

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Mar 21 13:53:38 CET 2014

Ilavajuthy Palanisamy wrote:
> I'm new to Freeradius. I would like to get some pointers and
> documentation details about setting up Freeradius as proxy. 


> Our requirement is to have a Radius proxy and modify the Access Accept
> response based on certain criteria.

  raddb/sites-available/default.  Look for the "post-proxy" section.

> Few questions regarding Freeradius proxy support.
> Does Freeradius proxy has support for a plugin probably in Java to snoop
> the Radius request calls?

  No.  If you want to snoop on radius packets, use pcap.  If you want to
look at what the server is doing, use "radiusd -X".  If you want to
modify the servers behavior, use "unlang".

> Does Freeradius proxy setup has option to specify which Radius server to
> pickup based on some attribute value in Access Request?

  Yes.  See raddb/proxy.conf

> Our requirement
> is to have multiple Radius Servers for certain groups. This group
> information will be available in one of the VSA in Access Request.

  That will work.

  Alan DeKok.

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