FreeRadius Authorizing and Authenticating Anyone if One User Logs in

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Mar 27 22:48:54 CET 2014

Lennon Mazonde wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Newbie here. I am running freeradius administered via daloradius with
> coovachilli for my captive portal. My problem is that if one user logs
> in (via the captive portal), freeradius is granting access to any user.
> In other words, anyone who logs in after the first user doesn't get
> redirected to the captive portal, they simply gain (free) access. If any
> one user logs out of the session, again all the other users are logged
> out. I've looked at the freeradius debug output, but i can't see
> anything out of the ordinary, perhaps i'm not looking in the right
> places? Please help me :-(
> Output from freeradius -XXX:

  Don't do that.  PLEASE follow the instructions.  "radiusd -X" is good

  The debug log shows one user "test" logging in, twice.  It doesn't
show other users logging in.

  You probably need to double-check the captive portal configuration.
The "double login" has nothing to do with FreeRADIUS.  The captive
portal should allow ONE user in, when ONE user authenticates.  The other
users should be blocked.

  As always, FreeRADIUS does authentication.  It does NOT control
network access.  If a user is gaining network access when they shouldn't
have it, the problem is the NAS (or Captive portal here).

  Alan DeKok.

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