FreeRadius Authorizing and Authenticating Anyone if One User Logs in

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Fri Mar 28 08:44:30 CET 2014

set  Port-Limit =1 attribute for  user and try

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> Lennon Mazonde wrote:
> > Hi Everyone,
> >
> > Newbie here. I am running freeradius administered via daloradius with
> > coovachilli for my captive portal. My problem is that if one user logs
> > in (via the captive portal), freeradius is granting access to any user.
> > In other words, anyone who logs in after the first user doesn't get
> > redirected to the captive portal, they simply gain (free) access. If any
> > one user logs out of the session, again all the other users are logged
> > out. I've looked at the freeradius debug output, but i can't see
> > anything out of the ordinary, perhaps i'm not looking in the right
> > places? Please help me :-(
> >
> > Output from freeradius -XXX:
>   Don't do that.  PLEASE follow the instructions.  "radiusd -X" is good
> enough.
>   The debug log shows one user "test" logging in, twice.  It doesn't
> show other users logging in.
>   You probably need to double-check the captive portal configuration.
> The "double login" has nothing to do with FreeRADIUS.  The captive
> portal should allow ONE user in, when ONE user authenticates.  The other
> users should be blocked.
>   As always, FreeRADIUS does authentication.  It does NOT control
> network access.  If a user is gaining network access when they shouldn't
> have it, the problem is the NAS (or Captive portal here).
>   Alan DeKok.
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