freeradius 3 cannot initiate eap-sim,

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Mar 28 14:45:17 CET 2014

Bill Yuan wrote:
> *I configured the user information in the users file, and the info is
> valid in freeradius2. but somehow, I think the freeradius3 cannot
> recognize the information,I can see some yellow colour information
> printed on the **screen as below:*
> WARNING: [/usr/local/etc/raddb/mods-config/files/authorize]:1 Check item
> "EAP-Sim-Rand1"  found in reply item list for user
> "1525016114550600 at".  This attribute MUST go
> on the first line with the other check items

  What is hard to understand about that message?  You have the wrong
information in the file.  Do:

user	EAP-Sim-Rand1 := ...

  Do NOT DO:

user	...
	EAP-Sim-Rand1 := ...

  Alan DeKok.

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