configuration parameters for perl module in rlm_perl

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On 28 Mar 2014, at 13:37, Chaigneau, Nicolas <nicolas.chaigneau at> wrote:

>>> I've created a pull request for this.
>>> My first, hopefully I got it right... tell me if something's wrong.
>> Nope looks ok.
>> If you're ok with rebasing (squashing and fixing up commits), i'll make
>> some
>> suggestions on GitHub?
> I'm not sure what you want me to do, but sure, suggestions are welcome.
> I've already a fix for the unnecessary struct element "walk_data", as pointed out by Alan.
> How do I proceed in this case ? do I need to do another pull request ? delete the first one ?

Make changes
Commit changes

git rebase -i HEAD~2

change 'pick' to 'f' on the last line in the list of commits.

git push --force

That updates the commit in the branch which the pull request was generate from.

I was just thinking it could use some examples in the perl config file, and maybe
loose the 'perl' part from the config section.

Ideally it'd be something like

perl {
	config {
		<config> = <value>

Config paths should make sense in plain english

perl.perl_config.<config> = <value

Is duplicative.

perl.config.<config> = value

Is not.

I'm not sure if you handle nested sections correctly either, ideally:

perl {
	config {
		<key> {
			<key> = <value>
			<key> = <value>

Would work too.

It shouldn't be *that* hard with some well placed recursive calls :).

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