What will be new in v3.0.3

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Mar 28 20:30:17 CET 2014

  It's been a busy week.  In addition to releasing new documentation
(http://networkradius.com/doc/), we've been adding more functionality to
the server core.

  As of now, pretty much all of "unlang" is syntax checked when the
server starts.  This means that errors in conditional checks will be caught:

	if ("%{no-such-module:foo}" == "bar") {

  will now cause the server to print a descriptive error, and fail to
start.  The same applies for update statements:

	update reply {
		Filter-Id := "%{no-such-module:foo}"

  And switch statements:

	switch "%{no-such-module:foo}" {

  and case statements:

	case "%{no-such-module:foo}"

  As a side note, "case" statements now support dynamic expansions,
which they didn't before.  Both "switch" and "case" statements support
attribute references:

	switch &User-Name {
		case &Filter-Id {

  Will match if User-Name == Filter-Id.  This capability gives a bit
more flexibility in the use of "switch" and "case".

  These are small changes.  But they should have a large impact on
usability.  When there's a typo in the configuration, the server will
produce a MUCH better error message than it did for version 3.0.2.

  Alan DeKok.

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