Perl attribute: length vs 0-byte termination

Chaigneau, Nicolas nicolas.chaigneau at
Mon Mar 31 08:59:54 CEST 2014


There is a bug in 3.0.2.

Get the latest version of libradius.h which fixes the issue :

Then rebuild rlm_perl.


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> Objet : Perl attribute: length vs 0-byte termination
> Hi,
> some recent change seems to have broken the "rlm_perl" attribute
> handling. For a string, instead of adding a scalar value with
> appropriate length, it seems the whole buffer (including 0-byte) is
> inserted into the Perl hash. Consider this authorize() method:
>   sub authorize {
>     $RAD_REPLY{'Reply-Message'} = "Username >>".$RAD_REQUEST{'User-
> Name'}."<<";
>     return RLM_MODULE_UPDATED;
>   }
> This leads, wrongly, to a prematurely terminated string:
>   rlm_perl: Added pair Reply-Message = Username >>user
> When you add a line like this at the beginning of the subroutine:
>   $RAD_REQUEST{'User-Name'} =~ s/\0//g;
> ...then you'll receive the typical garbage that's in uncleared memory:
>   rlm_perl: Added pair Reply-Message = Username >>user ??"c¨?ìå ??...
> Somehow, the length computation of the SVs must be fixed, but I don't
> know what broke it or how to repair it...
> Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
> Julius
> P.S.: I've tested this with FreeRADIUS Git tag "release_3_0_2".
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