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Lovaas,Steven Steven.Lovaas at ColoState.EDU
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Fantastic! I skimmed it too fast to look for typos, but the random bits I slowed down to read in detail seem to be the kind of context that should be very helpful.

Still needs pictures ;). I'll still be willing to work on that, unless that's already on your documentation person's to-do list...

Steve Lovaas

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  I've been making noises about writing documentation for a long time now.  Too long.  However, I've had a documentation person working on the problem for a few months now, and we have something ready for release.

  I hope this news has a positive impact on the FreeRADIUS community.
There has been a lot of discussion recently around the subject of documentation, and I'd like people to know that I have been making progress.

  The documentation is available online at:

  The astute reader will notice that the documentation isn't GPLd, and is instead from my company.  The simple reason is that it costs money to have a professional person write documentation.  So the documentation has to be owned by the entity who paid for it:  Network RADIUS SARL.

  I plan on releasing more documentation in the next few months.  There are a number of additional chapters nearly ready to go.  There are a number more which need a lot of work.

  Please provide feedback.  Is it good?  Are there typos?  What else needs documenting?

  Despite the documents being corporate branded, they are available for free download, for anyone to read.  The company will continue to fund development of the documentation, and will continue to release more documentation over the coming months.

  Alan DeKok.
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