Version 3.0.3 has been released

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon May 12 21:43:09 CEST 2014

  The release notes are available at the usual URL:

  Anyone following the git repo will notice massive amounts of commits
over the last month.  Arran and I have been doing exhaustive testing of
the server in a wide variety of circumstances.  We've also been running
it through three different static analysis tools, and ensuring that the
builds are clean.

  The main highlights of 3.0.3 are:

* more of the config is parsed and validated when the server starts.
This means typos will be caught immediately, rather than resulting in
obscure run-time errors.

* DHCP NAKs can be controllably delayed.  This lets FreeRADIUS work with
horribly broken NAS equipment

* The detail file reader is now threaded (where possible)  This should
greatly improve performance for reading the files

* Everything now builds with no warnings from the C compiler, clang
static analyzer, or cppcheck.  Coverity has 2 minor complains which can
be ignored.  A number of minor issues found by Code Sonar were also fixed

* Allow tag and array references anywhere attributes are allowed in
"unlang".  This makes the configuration more consistent and simpler

* Double-escaping of characters in Perl, and octal characters has been
fixed.  If your configuration has text like "\\000", you will need to
remove one backslash.

* Many minor bug fixes, updates to error messages, and consistency fixes

  Alan DeKok.

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