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> > (YubiKeys are definitely more secure and more universal than smartphone
> apps, but there is a cost attached to purchasing and (re-)programming them).
> What cost do you see in (re-)programming them out of interest?
> There is a yubikey-personalization CLI utility. Integrate that with some
> large USB hubs, D-BUS and some undergraduates and I imagine the programming
> process would be pretty painless?

Corporate environment rather than educational, so at best we have co-op
placements instead of undergraduates.  :P

That said, it's not so much the initial programming of them that scares me
as the inevitable replacement of lost keys (which, in fairness, is just the
initial programming of a spare) and occasionally having to reprogram one
that gets out of sync in weird ways (I actually had a YubiKey's HOTP
counter somehow get behind the server's, which should be impossible, but it
happened and prevented all future authentications until I reset the
server's counter and resynced them).  Put users at enough different sites
and things involving physically touching the keys to fix issues get more
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