NAS-Port always the same

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon May 26 16:11:06 CEST 2014

Khapare Joshi wrote:
> I am trying to use simualtaneous-use with radutmp file but cisco
> controller is always sending the same port to all devices and logs
> NAS-Port=1 for all devices in accounting detail file.

  The NAS-Port is created by the NAS.

> Can I not change that NAS-IP to actual wireless access point rather the
> controller IP address ? 

  I wouldn't do that.

> I tried changing /etc/raddb/acct_users file as :
> NAS-Identifier == "mytestNAS", NAS-IP-Address :=
> "%{Framed-IP-Address:-%{NAS-IP-Address}}"

  Framed-IP-Address is for the end user.  It is *not* for the NAS.  You
should never set NAS-Identifier to be Framed-IP-Address.

> but I still get the NAS-Port=1 for all the device. 

  Because you're editing NAS-Identifier, not NAS-Port.

  And you can't really change NAS-Port.  It's created by the NAS>

  Alan DeKok.

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