Free radius : Increase debug log level

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Hi All,

Thanks for responding.

The Free radius version is an open source edition being used and not licensed one.

Can we get the procedure for going for an upgrade to 2.2.5 version and if that's supported in RHEL 5.10 ?


Lakshmanji Chandrasekaran

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Hi All,

We are running FreeRADIUS Version 2.1.11 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.10 (Tikanga).

We are looking to increase the debug log level to identify the free radius crashing and from the man page we could see the below options.

Doesn't RHEL/Centos5 have 2.1.12 already?

Your best bet would be to try upgrading RH's latest version first, in case the bug was already fixed. If it still crashed, then contact RH support and report the bug there.

If you DON'T have RH support, and would be willing to try anything in order to help diagnose your problem, using unofficial prebuilt packages of latest stable version might help

Note the different package name (freeradius vs freeradius2), so you can't simply upgrade in-place. A backup-old-config -> uninstall -> install -> restore-config cycle might be necessary. Again, in your case, you should ONLY use this if you DON'T have RH support, can't build your own package, and would be willing to try anything in order to help diagnose your problem.

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