FreeRadius Server Sizing recommendations

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Tue Sep 2 22:50:17 CEST 2014


> I am not sure about the certificate size. But it will be using 2048bit key. The concurrent authentication request will be less than 10 per second. Backend authentication will use Active Directory.

so the limit/bottleneck will be your communication to AD (and any local disk stuff you might
do such as accounting/logging (suggest asynchronous accounting logging) - a basic server
(dual core, 2 or 4 Gb of RAM and some 7.2 or 10k disks or  SAN) should cope with that requirement
- you can validate this by performing the benchmarks on a VM - its a VM after all, so just spin it up,
allocation vCPU etc and run tests ramping up through vCPU allocation and given resources

on Linux you'll also want to do some basic OS tweaking to remove other eg network/TCPIP stack related
issues - usual TCP/ethernet tweaks


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